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FIFA 22: Live Tuning Update 2 accelerates Finesse

Euro Vehicle Simulator 2 is a heavyweight simulation game as well as Euro Truck Simulator collection developed by SCS Software application for Windows, Linux and macOS; Launched on October 19, 2012. It places the player in the skin of a road to make deliveries of various products in several cities in Europe. The game consists of seven new main licenses contrasted to its precursor, Scania, Renault, Volvo, DAF, Veto, Man and also Mercedes-Benz.

Title Update 1 had already brought the first weakening for the finesse shots at the beginning of October after being overpowered in the early FIFA 22 days. The first live tuning update laid a good week later and decreased the precision of certain distances. Satisfied, EA Sports is still not.

However, the second live tuning update suggests the opposite direction, the developer wants to strengthen the finesse shots again. However, this time is not the precision this time, but the speed: the special degrees fall within the penalty area and just outside in the future faster.

Also flat passes are faster in the future


The adaptation is primarily due to finesse shots that are performed from 11.5 meters or a smaller distance. Between 11.6 and 19.8 meters, the effect is still available, but significantly weaker. Also accelerated was the speed of flat passports.

The second large starting point of the second live tuning update is the team-pressing tactics via a control cross: This is active after actuation from FORTRAN 20 instead of 15 seconds. This duration is only counted if the treating team is not in possession of possession. The Col down timer for the team-pressing was reduced from 120 to 100 seconds.

The live tuning mechanics has been introduced from EA SPORTS fresh for FIFA 22 to make smaller gameplay changes outside of complex title updates. Thus, the developer can react to any abuses that were otherwise preserved for weeks in the game.

LEADER GAMING NEWS UND Everything from the world of ESPORT is available on early game.


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