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3 Secret changes in Fortnite, with which vehicles help you to victory

Transportation is the displacement of objects, goods, or individuals (humans or animals) from one place to another. Transportation modes include aviation, railway, road transport, shipping, cable transport, pipeline routing and spatial transport. The mode also depends on the type of vehicle or infrastructure used. The means of transport can include human propulsion vehicles, automotive, motorcycle, scooter, bus, metro, tram, train, truck, walking, lift, helicopter, The boat or the plane. The type of transport can be characterized by its membership of the public or private sector.

Informnite you can cover wide routes thanks to vehicles to escape dangers. But Epic Games changed the means of transport so that they offer even more functionality than before. We show you what you can now do everything with you.

Which means of transport are there? In Chapter 2 Season 8, there is the motorboat, cars and trucks as a means of transportation. These are wildly scattered on the map. Some let go, others are equipped with immobilizer. Here are again all kinds of cars listed:

Islander Prevalent (4-seater) Victory Motors Whiplash (2-seater) Og Bear (4-seater) Titano Mudflap (2-seater) Motorboat (4-seater)

A long-awaited feature, which wanted the community in Fortnite, were cars. Since the map of Chapter 2 is very huge, it was difficult to traverse the map without a means of transportation.

Epic did not take a position, but apparently, was something changed to the cars that give you the opportunity to stand on them.

We show you what your cars should be tested with the cars.

1. You can now take injured players

A horrible scenario, which is certainly the one or the other player already happened: you are in a fight and your mates go to the ground.

You are the only way out the escape with an obvious vehicle. Before the update 18.20, you would have had your colleagues dying out, but that is now a thing of the past.

So if a team outlines, the injured friend packs on your shoulders, throws him on a car and stuff with him.

2 . More space for other players

In solos, duos or trios, the feature is not so interesting rather, but it would be something for the mode group wire. You can transport several people through the new mechanics.

To do this, 4 players get into the car and the remaining jump on it. It has not been tested, how many ulteningly fit on the cars, but that should vary depending on the removal means.

3 . Stand on cars and plunge players

On the most useful, this feature proves to fight. The fact that you are on the vehicle, there is no danger of dying by exploding a car when confronted by an enemy. So you are agile, as far as the fighting happening.

Inside a car you are still protected, as the outer housing swallows many balls. An attempt is worth it anyway. Uses the best to the truck. Two players are located on the usual places in the car and the remaining two on the trailer platform.

This prepares a nice surprise for your opponents and thus ensures variety.

What do you think of such secret changes? Do you find the cool and varied? Let us know.

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