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Neverwinter's Jewel in the North Now Available on Xbox One and also PS4

Jewel of the North, the 21st module for _ Neverwinter _, is now offered on Xbox One and PS4. Below are the information.

If you remember, Jewel of the North launched last month on July 27 on COMPUTER. At the time, Matt Powers, the Executive Manufacturer, kept in mind,

In truth, we had the opportunity to preview Jewel of the North in advance of its launch. You can review our preview coverage here. If you're brand-new to Jewel of the North, or are waiting to play it on console, right here's what you can look forward to in this newest component.

Jewel of the North includes a new Bard course influenced by 5E D&D which will include 2 Paragon Paths. These courses include Songblade and also Minstrel. Songblade will certainly see you appeal your adversaries with swords, magic, and also music. Minstrel will certainly play a support duty as you play tunes to rub your allies.

Jewel of the North likewise consists of a brand-new streamlined progressing system which will make it easier for you to play with the component. In addition, there's a brand-new Adventures feature which is a distinct method for you to play via content, track your progression, and much more.

Additionally, Jewel of the North includes a number of lifestyle improvements such as the Traveler's Guild, the Training Room, as well as spruced up tutorials for _ Neverwinter _.


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